Scalable. Secure. Easy. Zero Gas Transactions.


For Users
  • Near Instant transfers and swaps
  • Trustworthy
  • Only you have control over your funds
  • ERC20 token support
  • Gas Free transfers and swaps
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For Developers
  • Near instant transactions
  • Build scalable dApps
  • Supports micropayments and swaps
  • SDK built with usability in mind
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const bob = '0x123...'
const alice = '0xabc...'
// Create a NOCUST manager
const nocustManager = new NOCUSTManager({
rpcApi: web3,
operatorApiUrl: '',
contractAddress: '0x66b26B6CeA8557D6d209B33A30D69C11B0993a3a',
// Make an instant and free transaction
await nocustManager.sendTransaction({
to: alice,
amount: 100,
from: bob,

Security First

User security is the priority, users are always in control of their funds.

Near Instant Transactions

Liquidity Network's transaction throughput is not bound by the blockchain.

Zero blockchain fees

Liquidity Network enables gasless transfers and swaps.

Javascript API

Intuitive API for developers to build usable dApps.

Research Based

Based on peer-reviewed research, our work is publicly available, to introduce a secure and scalable solution to the community.

Open Source

Liquidity Network's smart contracts are completely open source under GNU General Public License v3.0.

LQD Token

LQD is the main utility token used to pay for Liquidity Network’s services.

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