Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Security, Privacy, Blockchain and Machine Learning


Liquidity Labs at is looking for a talented and motivated postdoctoral research fellow to become part of our team working on exciting science research projects. Researchers in security, privacy, blockchain, machine learning or any relevant data and computational science discipline, and who have received their Ph.D. within the last three years are encouraged to apply. The successful applicant will receive a competitive salary, excellent benefits and will be able to choose to work in London or Zurich.

This post-doctoral position will be in the broad areas of security, privacy, blockchain and machine learning. The objective will be to create new ways of secure, usable and privacy preserving systems for financial and computational transactions. Focus will be on scientific experiments that make use of large-scale distributed computing infrastructures, and are, in general, challenging to reproduce. The results are expected to be published in Tier 1 academic conferences.

Liquidity.Network is an off-chain crypto payment solution designed to enable zero fee micropayments and peer to peer transactions, and is based on cutting edge research. The Liquidity.Network’s novel technology solves payment channel’s most pressing problems like user onboarding and routing complexities, thus enabling wider adoption in numerous use cases. Currently, Liquidity.Network is the first off-chain, no-fee crypto wallet operational on the Ethereum market.

Supervisors: Dr. Arthur Gervais (Imperial College London, Department of Computing and Liquidity Network co-founder).

The Liquidity Labs performs innovative research in security, privacy, blockchain, machine learning and related fields. Current research projects revolve around the scalability and privacy of open and permissionless blockchain technology. For a full list of publications by Dr. Arthur Gervais and it’s Systems Security and Privacy Group at Imperial College London, please consult

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